STIG 2021Q4 Updates

What's New?

  • RHEL7 remains at 7.9, STIG updated to v3r5
  • RHEL8* upgraded to 8.4, STIG updated to v1r4
  • CentOS remains at 7.9.2009, STIG updated to v3r5
  • SuSE maintained at 12 SP 5, STIG updated to v2r5
  • Ubuntu 20.04 updated to 20.04.3, STIG updated to v1r2
  • Windows Server 2019 updated to 10.0.17763.2237, STIG updated to v2r3
  • Windows Server 2016 updated to 10.0.14393.4704, STIG updated to v2r3
  • Tomcat 8 updated to 8.5.72
  • Tomcat 9 updated to 9.0.54
  • Tomcat 10* updated to 10.0.12
  • All current patches updated as of 10/27/2021

* We are now fully compliant with the new filesystem mount requirements DISA instituted on RHEL8. (The AMI now ships with four disks in addition to the root volume.) As this is still a relatively new image for us, please don't hesitate to contact us immediately if you run into any issues, we are standing by to help!

Our documentation references how to do this, but please make sure you allocate sufficient space in your /home (xvdh), /var (xvdl), /var/log/audit (xvdx), and now /var/log (xvdz) volumes.

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